RAD International Ltd.

RAD International Ltd.

For over a decade, RAD International has developed and supported mission-critical solutions. Our achievements reflect a long-standing commitment to quality and innovation, delivered on time and on budget. A diverse customer base provides insight into the ever-changing IT industry, enabling RAD to apply state-of-the-art technology to their clients' needs.

RAD specializes in the Enterprise, offering analysis, design, and development services. In recent years, we have developed significant expertise in digital media management and distribution.

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RAD can help align IT delivery with business goals. Our analysts and technical architects are experienced in Enterprise deployments and well versed in surfacing requirements.



Our team has experience in developing and deploying a wide variety of software solutions including applications, libraries, and components, shrink-wrap products, web-services and web applications.



Whether you’re deploying your solutions in-house or outsourcing your operations, RAD can help to create an effective, instrumented Enterprise.


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