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Founded in 1993, RAD International Ltd has developed a reputation for developing innovative software solutions. RAD's principals' professional roots can be traced to Alias Research. Alias, now owned by Autodesk, played a revolutionary role in the early 1990s in bringing 3D graphics to the entertainment and design markets. Through the years many of RAD’s software engineers and designers gained valuable experience and skills at Alias.

Looking for fresh challenges outside of the CAD domain, Brian founded and built RAD into a diversified, Enterprise-focused software development consultancy. While that software consultancy continues today, RAD has expanded their focus to help fill the skills gap between development, deployment and production management. These deployment and production management stills were formalized in to a hosting and managed services practice, which takes our customers' experience well beyond simple collocation.

Our manage services offerings deliver to our customers' more than just infrastructure reliability, we focus on fault tolerance and ensure our customers' sites and data are recoverable. Service Level Agreements are designed to define expectations and limit liability, isn't it time you work with a company that wants to limit your business exposure that could result from infrastructure failures.


RAD has provided assistance to many companies, ranging from firms in their infancy to the Fortune 50.

RAD’s previous projects include:

  • The design, development and management of a class-leading digital signage and communication system.
  • Infrastructure design, integration and management for several enterprises as well as small and medium businesses.
  • Infrastructure management for several government departments and services.
  • The design, development, deployment and management of a travel planning and ticketing system for a large ferry service.
  • Infrastructure design and management for back-end services for a cellular based traffic monitoring application.
  • The design, development and deployment of a leading IPTV provider with 280 channels from around the globe.
  • Pre-sales application services for a major international hardware vendor.
  • The design and development of retail banking applications for Tier 1 US Banks.
  • A network monitoring and procurement system to manage the nationwide telecommunication network for a national Telco.
  • A bill of material visualization and management system for a large electronics manufacturer.
  • An air route mapping system used by several aerospace companies.
  • Application porting and architecture restructuring for a leading provider of real-time data.

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