Media Systems

The digital media market is exploding.

iSuppli forecasts that 180 million Internet-enabled consumer devices will ship in 2010. Similarly IPTV is expected to attract 65 million subscribers by 2010. Apple recently announced the sale of the 100 millionth iPod.

As the market for playback devices increases, so too does the market for content. The increasing content market ranges from audio to video, and is oriented towards both consumers and corporate markets. As digital media goes mass market, many companies now face new challenges in efficiently storing, managing, and distributing digital assets.

RAD can help

We have recent and extensive experience in the digital media market including:

  • The architecture and deployment of a global IPTV solution.
  • The design and deployment of digital asset management systems capable of transcoding content on the fly.
  • The creation of diagnostic tools to automatically monitor and measure streaming video.
  • The design of innovative network based digital signage systems.

Contact us to learn more about RAD’s Media capabilities.

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