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Our ultimate goal is to satisfy the business needs of our clients.

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy the business needs of our clients. We consider all requirements in order to provide the most appropriate solution to fit our clients’ needs.

Our technology audits enable our customers to gain an understanding of their current state. Audits range from capacity and scalability preparedness, to security vulnerability, usability compliance, and service decomposition strategies. Our staff is well versed in the latest standards and industry best practices.

We are proud of our ability to ramp quickly and solve difficult problems against challenging deadlines. We have a successful track record of joining troubled projects in progress and helping to turn them around.

RAD understands that good design means good business. As a result, we take every possible step to apply strong Enterprise architectural patterns and to comply with open standards. Our team of expert human factors designers ensure that our solutions are easy to learn and efficient to use.

The old joke, "the best thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from," never seems to go out of style. We have years of experience and can help you chart the right path to your goal.

Technology Audits

Knowing where you stand is frequently half the battle. RAD provides system, storage, security and design audits to help map your technology landscape.

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Business & System Analysis

RAD can help align IT delivery with business goals. Our analysts and technical architects are experienced in Enterprise deployments and well versed in surfacing requirements.

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Software Design & Development

Our customers know us as innovators. Our team has experience in developing and deploying a wide variety of software solutions including libraries (APIs), components, shrink-wrap products, web-services and web applications.

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Human Factors Analysis & Design

We believe that interfaces are more than functional items; they define our experience with the system, and by extension with the associated company. RAD's team has experience in the design and development of high-performance man-machine interfaces.

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Systems Integration

Systems integration comes in many shapes and forms from data to processes to applications. RAD has experience with EAI and ESB deployments and continues to enhance its capabilities as new approaches such as SOA take hold in the market.

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Service Oriented Architecture

Enterprises are pursuing new ways of organizing systems and processes to become service oriented and event-driven. Leveraging existing infrastructural investments is a critical aspect to the success of companies both large and small. Let RAD help you achieve business agility with an SOA plan.

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Porting and Refinement

As new technologies come to market, clients call upon us to help them migrate their applications from one platform to another. Our porting team has experience in porting applications across both platforms and languages.

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Performance & System Stabilization

IT departments are frequently faced with scalability problems. Our team is experienced in analyzing complex systems to determine the source of these bottlenecks, and to suggest mitigation strategies.

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Infrastructure Monitoring & Measurement

Whether you’re deploying your solutions in-house or outsourcing your operations, RAD can help to create an effective, instrumented Enterprise. From network management systems to corporate dashboards, RAD has the tools to capture, process and display the information you need to run your business.

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Application Hosting

Looking to serve up your applications to new markets on the Internet? Searching to outsource the hosting of your in-house application? With hosting facilities co-located in Canada's premier Telco hotel, RAD combines service excellence with high-availability connectivity.

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