Business & Systems Analysis

Align your IT delivery with business goals.

To ensure that the right solution is created for you, we spend time up front with our clients to help create a shared understanding of the problem. Our analysts and technical architects are experienced in Enterprise deployments and well versed in surfacing requirements.

Our business analysts are trained in eliciting requirements quickly and effectively. During our workshop sessions, we will work with your team of subject matter experts to identify and prioritize requirements, and to surface risks. Before proceeding any further ,our findings will be documented to ensure a shared understanding.

With specific experience in the best practices outlined in specifications such as ITIL, OASIS, and ISO27001, our technical architects will ensure that your solution is both Enterprise and industry compliant. To ensure stakeholder buy-in, we will document our findings in basic English, as well as UML.

RAD can help

RAD can help align IT delivery with business goals by:

  • Performing system, storage, and security audits
  • Analyzing and documenting business requirements
  • Creating Enterprise blueprints
  • Analyzing industry trends to identify new opportunities

Software Design & Development

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