Human Factors

User centered designs ensure a quality experience.

Experience with interface design is common. Web sites, software applications, games, and appliances all require an interface. However, interfaces are rarely given a second thought unless they are poorly designed or implemented.

At RAD, we understand the importance of a good interface. We believe that interfaces are more than functional items; they define our experience with the system, and by extension, with the associated company. A consistent, predictable, attractive, and easy to use product increases user satisfaction, decreases errors, and reduces costs.

An effective digital interface has a clean design. The overall interface experience must be interesting and intuitive. RAD has the ability to deliver rich solutions, no matter what your digital needs. We have experience in the design and development of high-performance, human-machine interfaces with an emphasis on error avoidance, error recovery, and ease of learning.

RAD has embraced the user centered design philosophy. User centered design can be characterized as a multi-stage, problem solving process in which the needs, wants, and limitations of the end user are given comprehensive attention at each stage of the development process. User centered designers anticipate how users are likely to use an interface. Designers then test the validity of their assumptions in real world studies with representative users. The results of these real-world studies are then used to refine the interface.

RAD can help

  • Human factors audits and analysis
  • User interface designs
  • User centered design training

Systems Integration

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