Infrastructure Monitoring & Measurement

You cannot manage what you do not measure.

Whether you are deploying your solutions in-house or outsourcing your operations, RAD can help to create an effective, instrumented Enterprise. From network management systems to corporate dashboards, RAD has the tools to capture, process, and display the information you need to run your business.

network monitoring tool

RAD employs many tools in the creation of highly available systems. When a customer requests detailed reporting we use Passler's PRTG Network Monitoring.

Our overarching goal is to improve operational efficiencies through effective IT management.

RAD can help

  • Integrate systems to create an effective instrumented Enterprise
  • Deploy systems to monitor and measure system operations
  • Consolidate your infrastructure’s reporting to simplify management
  • Customize information capture and reporting functions
  • Create information dashboards to ensure stakeholder buy-in

Application Hosting

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