Service Oriented Architecture

Achieve business agility with an SOA plan.

Technology is often difficult, costly, and complex. Without modern approaches, technology can prevent the Enterprise from achieving a desired level of agility. Enterprises are pursuing new ways of organizing systems and processes to become service oriented and event driven.

Leveraging existing infrastructural investments is critical to the success of companies both large and small. Enterprises must adapt their systems to support frequent technological changes, mergers, and acquisitions. Furthermore, in a growing global market, these systems are increasingly shared with external business partners.

RAD can help

  • Determine how best to balance the delivery of immediate business value while creating long term strategic capability
  • Recognize critical success factors to implementing Enterprise SOAs
  • Educate technical staff on the architectural implications
  • Refactor existing applications as Enterprise services leveraging a variety of software platforms

Porting and Refinement

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