Software Design and Development

Our clients recognize us as innovators.

Clients turn to us when they have tough problems to solve, and we work together to find creative solutions. If the outcome of a “build versus buy” analysis is to proceed with an integration or custom solution, we engage our development team and their proven software development methodologies.

Our team has experience in developing and deploying a wide variety of software solutions including: applications, libraries (APIs), components, shrink-wrap products, web-services, and web applications.

RAD can help

  • Design — RAD’s architects and human factors experts will ensure a solution that exceeds your expectations with experience in the latest software development tools and techniques
  • Implement — RAD’s team of in-house engineers, together with its partners, have a track record of delivering on time and on budget
  • Test — RAD’s QA team has experience in functional and non-functional testing

Human Factors Analysis & Design

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