Systems Integration

Integrate to extend and enhance your capabilities.

While RAD is as keen to take on green fields applications development as anyone, we advocate extending and enhancing when possible. In many cases, there is nothing wrong with existing systems that a little tune up cannot repair. If your systems are not meeting your performance requirements, please review our Performance Mitigation and System Stabilization Services. If you are switching platforms, we can help with our Porting and Refinement Services. If you are looking for help integrating two or more systems, read on.

Systems integration comes in many shapes and forms. Data integration efforts ensure that information in multiple systems is kept consistent. Process integration links business processes across applications. Applications integration involves embedding components to provide new functionality. RAD has experience with many EAI deployments and we continue to enhance our capabilities as new approaches such as SOA take hold in the market.

RAD can help

  • Retrofit applications with various interface capabilities
  • Create service agents to integrate with middleware
  • Create web service interfaces
  • Deploy data transformation services
  • Augment legacy applications with web service interfaces to support service-oriented initiatives

Service Oriented Architecture

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