Our Technologies

The best tools for the job.

At RAD, we are technologically agnostic and seek to use the best tools for the job. We work with our customers to determine the best fit with their current and future environments. Below is a subset of the products we have employed in recent engagements.


Flash web oriented content deployment language
Visual Basic
Microsoft’s venerable programming language in all its forms
BEA industry leading comprehensive Java deployment environments
Websphere IBM’s Java deployment environment
WebNMS Adventnet’s network management system oriented at the mid-market. Read  more about how we’ve extended WebNMS.
Microsoft WMS Microsoft’s Windows Media Services for streaming content
PGP PGP whole-disk encryption products
Patchlink cross-platform patch management
Netsuite mid-market focused SaaS ERP Suite
DB2 relational database and tools
Oracle relational database, middleware, Portal and tools
Empress embedded RDBMS

Open Source

Java cross-platform programming language
PHP popular web development language
C/C++ venerable, high-performance, programming language
Linux widely deployed server operating system.  Read more about how we’ve used Linux to create a low-cost security appliance.
Hibernate java persistence framework
Spring Framework java development framework
Magnolia CMS Java-based web content management system
JackRabbit flexible asset management system
Tomcat/JBoss widely deployed java application server
Drupal popular PHP-based content management system
Videolan cross-platform video player
Postgres cross-platform RDBMS

RAD is an active supporter of the open-source community and use many open-source tools in active development.

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