The avistaGO Product Suite 

avistaGO offers unlimited possibilities to advertise, inform, and educate. In the Corporate world it can improve company communications and help create a well-informed employee community. Advertising can increase revenue potential for retailers with dynamic eye-catching advertisements using LCD, plasma, or interactive kiosks. Hospitality and entertainment providers can improve guests’ experience by offering them an interactive experience using touch screens to easily find and enjoy everything their location has to offer. For those who are on the go, Public Communication can quickly update messages using state of the art multimedia. In an Educational environment, avistaGO creates a powerful educational medium for local broadcasting and interactive teaching.


avistaGO provides a simple-to-use yet powerful narrowcast digital media and customer engagement management, distribution, and playback system. It has been designed to allow companies, marketers, and media network operators to enhance their messages quickly, easily, and efficiently.


With avistaGO, it’s easy to organize your content, add attention-grabbing overlays, stream live news and weather feeds, and deliver interactive content. avistaGO gives you the creative freedom and control to author in full HD and dynamically broadcast in any resolution, including 1080p, 720p, or 480p, to any remote player or website, offering dramatic savings in post-production. Content is not restricted to pure media, content can also include custom interactive solutions.


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