avistaGO hits a major milestone

RAD is proud to announce the availability of avistaGO version 2.0.

avistaGO v2.0 opens new opportunities for our customers; extending traditional digital signage with full interactivity. avistaGO’s player plug-ins and on-demand-content allow the distribution and execution of fully customizable customer interactive solutions previously only available in expensive kiosk systems.

This release has focused on providing several new features and improved performance. avistaGO v2.0 combines vision with interactivity and extends customer engagement to new levels. The avistaGO platform marries a full feature digital signage solution with a fully extendable customer engagement framework. avistaGO v2.0 includes:

  • Major improvements in runtime performance and reduced hardware requirements
  • Greater ease of use and improved workflow
  • Integrated content and release management
  • Full support for players on Windows 7, OS X, and Linux
  • Reduced network load
  • Configuration free communications
  • Integrated report engine with automatic report generation
  • Reusable Playlist Templates
  • Full support for Adobe Flex 4 and AIR 2.5 plug-ins
  • Multi-touch support
  • Interactive layout editor
  • Preview support within the administration system with full support for plug-ins
  • Enhanced Web Player, which now has all the capabilities of the Standalone Player
  • Enhanced Rich Text Editor
  • Integrated QR Code generation and integrated display
  • Support for multiple overlays including Text Layers, Graphics Layers, RSS Layers, and QR Code Layers
  • Reusable overlays
  • Integrated On-Demand-Content and navigation
  • Improved Weather Overlays
  • Emergency Alert System
  • Live Messaging System
  • Live View, a real-time view of remote players

The amalgamation of Quick Response (QR) Codes and Digital Signage offers a new level of customer engagement and extends Digital Signage messaging to mobile devices. QR Codes encode data into a scannable 2-D bar code. A shopper can scan the code using one of several smartphone applications to reveal special offers, product information, or link shoppers to web content relevant to the current digital content. With QR Codes retailers can integrate loyalty programs and refine content within their digital messaging.

Customer engagement can be extended further with the use of avistaGO’s new On-Demand-Content, plug-ins and multi-touch integration. Now customers can navigate and interact with digital content providing a level of use not available previously. Customer interaction is tracked for reporting purposes and can help retailers and advertisers tune their message.


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